Information or entertainment?

Problem well-defined is problem half-solved.

People deserve to know the importance of the situation.

There is hope in avoiding climate crisis.

We need to treat with the urgency it deserves.

Current status

• Measurements with delay
• Scientific papers with delay
• IPCC reports with delay
• Climate itself acts with delay
• Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic

Politicised process

Impossible to get unanimous consensus among 200 parties:
• Russia - UN Security Council veto
• Saudi Arabia, Quatar - oil
• Brazil, Argentina - beef
• United States - previous president climate change denier

Decades of misinformation

Screenshot from the hearing in the US Congress:

What is at stake

• collapse of life support systems
• irreversible changes destabilizing the societies and causing mass migration
• hunger for sustenance farmers, who rely on predictable weather patterns to produce their own food

Protest as an effective tool

We welcome everyone. Here is an example of firefighters in France

Conspiracy theoreticians

There is no ambiguity.

Confusion, doubt, uncertainty, misinformation - these are not helpful.

If you are not a Russian troll but genuine conspiracy theoeretician, please focus on these instead:

• 2016:
• 2017:
• 2021:

Examples of affecting public perception

Radical change is possible

During WW2 steel, aluminum, oil were all reserved for military.

It is possible to repurpose economy towards climate change adaptation.

"Marshall Plan": rapid deployment of existing zero carbon technologies.

Existintential threat facing humanity

Snippet from the 2020 Doomsday Clock statement:
"Nuclear war and climate change are major threats to the physical world. But information is an essential aspect of human interaction, and threats to the information ecosphere—especially when coupled with the emergence of new destabilizing technologies in artificial intelligence, space, hypersonics, and biology—portend a dangerous and multifaceted global instability."

Independent media

Use your sensemaking. Find voices outside of the establishment, beyond an illusion of choice.
"Russian-British businessman, who owns the Evening Standard and ESTV (London Live). He is also an investor in The Independent"

"He derives his wealth from his father, Alexander Lebedev, a Russian oligarch and former KGB officer"

"The New York Times wrote in 2022, »nobody is a better example of the cosy ties between Russians and the [British] establishment than Mr Lebedev.«"